A simple cost aware approach

With decades of experience, our founders have channelled their expertise, gained from years working at the top end of the Kitchen market, into the art of Shaker Kitchen design and execution, at a truly affordable price.

Their vision, elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful, is to craft kitchens that seamlessly meld the timeless allure of the Shaker style with the pragmatic demands of contemporary living.

With years of unwavering dedication to Shaker kitchen design, we’ve not only mastered the intricacies, but have harnessed this wealth of experience to offer Shaker Workshop kitchens –at a genuinely affordable price, making a Shaker Workshop kitchen a cost-efficient reality.

We doubt you’ll find a similar kitchen, compared on a like for like basis, for less.




Shaker Workshop Kitchens

We always challenge ourselves to create that perfect room that fits with your lifestyle and space.

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