Terms & Conditions

“SW” and “we” is The Shaker Workshop Ltd. “You” is you, our customer!

A booking deposit of 50% of the total value of your kitchen will be required to allow a site survey and the production of your final plans. Your balance payment will be requested once your kitchen has been manufactured but prior to painting. This is usually approx. 4-5 weeks prior to loading from our manufacturing facility to our UK storage warehouse. Once your kitchen reaches our storage warehouse, we will contact your again and arrange a suitable delivery and if relevant, installation date. If we do not receive your balance payment by the date requested, delivery of your kitchen is likely to be delayed.

SW reserves the right, in the event of late payment, to charge for additional storage and to charge interest on outstanding monies of 5% above Barclays base rate. If outstanding amounts are not received within 30 days of the due date then the kitchen will be re-sold and any deposits will be forfeit.

All items remain the property of SW until fully paid for.

Once sign-off has taken place your kitchen will be in production. Therefore, from this point onwards, SW reserves the right to apply a charge equivalent to 100% of the cost of your kitchen.

Our design team will be delighted to design your kitchen. A design does not constitute a technical survey and therefore all measurements are for guidance purposes only. Our design, when presented or sent to you is our interpretation of your requirements. The plan may have evolved from a combination of several physical sketches, measurements and discussions. If there are any important aspects of the design that you wish us to factor in but are not included by this stage, please ensure that these are noted on the drawing. We will not accept any liability for any errors or omissions if these drawings are signed by you without specific reference to theses aspects. If you are unsure of any aspect of the design or measurement, please contact your designer for clarification.

All measurements are made across the face of a unit – to establish the internal measurements of a cabinet requires deduction of approximately 72 mm.

If we are supplied with measurements by you or your appointed representative, we accept no liability for inaccuracies. If alterations, re-visits or re-manufacturing is necessary to rectify such error, an appropriate charge will be applied.

Any changes to the site that may directly or indirectly affect the design should be advised to us as soon as possible. Depending on the stage of the design/manufacturing process, this may cause delay and/or additional charges. If a structural or aesthetic change occurs and we have not been informed, resulting in our fitters having to leave the site, or extra work being required to overcome it, then appropriate charges will be applied.

Please do your best to ensure that any works, for example to walls and floors, taking place after a technical survey by SW, do not alter measurements that have been taken at the survey. If they do, you must advise your designer as soon as possible so that they can be incorporated into the plan. It is important that you carefully verify the final drawings before signing them. SKC will not accept any liability for costs associated with variations to the measurements agreed in the signed-off plans, nor for any consequential loss.

Following survey, there may be the need to adjust the design/cabinetry to ensure correct fitting. If any adjustments are minor e.g. a small adjustment to cabinet width that does not significantly change the overall design of your kitchen, SW will automatically make these adjustments without reference to you. If any adjustments required are more significant, then we will contact you to explain the changes that are needed. Occasionally, changes required are significant enough to require a redrawing of plans, in which case we would ask you to check, sign and return the new plans as soon as possible.

If a design is commissioned and then a substantial redesign is required as a result of a change in building works or planning, then a further, appropriate charge will be applied. If a further site visit is required, this charge will be £300. If a further site visit is not required, then a standard-drawings fee of £150 will apply.

Please note that in these conditions, unless specified otherwise, “sign-off” means final signing of your plans, which are sent to you by your designer. Unfortunately, no revisions to the signed-off plans can be accommodated after this point.

As a minimum, your choice of these items is required by sign-off.

At time of delivery, if in the opinion of the delivery driver, access to the site is likely to compromise safety or the integrity of the items being delivered, SW reserves the right to return the items to our warehouse without refund of the delivery charge. Re-delivery will incur a further delivery charge.

If you anticipate any practical problems with delivery of items, please advise your Customer Care team member as early as possible.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any items ordered will fit through the doors of the property. If a door or surround needs to be removed, it is your responsibility to arrange for removal and refitting.

Please ensure that you inspect your kitchen or kitchen item on delivery and report any shortfall or damage within 24 hours. After this point it will be assumed that you have accepted possession of the goods and that they are as ordered. In the unlikely event that you find any damage, please provide photographic evidence.

SW will not accept liability for any fault or damage which, in its opinion, has been caused by (i) incorrect storage (ii) incorrect fitting (except where SW’s installers have effected the installation) (iii) use of an aggressive cleaning chemical or implement (iv) incorrect maintenance of work surfaces, or (v) incorrect finishing. (Advice on finishing units is available from SW.)

Solid wood worktops are made from a natural product. They require maintenance on a regular basis to ensure long life and a product free from defects. Since we cannot monitor or control how the maintenance is carried out, we can only offer a guarantee limited to defects in the worktops notified within 60 days of the installation or supply.

Properly maintained wooden worktops should give a lifetime of service. Storage and care information is provided. (If you have not received your free guide, please call us.)

Where a wooden worktop abuts or is in the proximity of certain types of cooker that emit intense heat, SW cannot guarantee the performance of worktops in these locations; there is a risk that splitting may occur.

Each item of your kitchen is individually handmade and so there may be minor differences in design from showroom samples. It may be necessary to make minor adjustments to dimensions during the manufacturing process. SW works to tolerances of +/- 5%. Any major aesthetic or design change will be referred to you prior to your commitment to purchase.

In the unlikely event that we encounter quality control, or material supply problems that may affect schedules or deliveries, we reserve the right unilaterally to alter the material specification used in the construction of cabinets.

If SW is required to store items on behalf of the customer i.e. beyond the anticipated delivery date, SW reserves the right to apply a storage charge which will be advised at the time. Storage will only be arranged for fully-paid-for items.

If the SW is contracted to finish the items, we will seek to emulate both colour and style of any samples but there may be minor differences in the colour and texture of paint or other finishing materials.

Minor cracking of the paintwork may occur due to atmospheric changes; this is easily taken care of with some touch-up paint and is not covered by our guarantee.

If we are supplying units unfinished and a fault occurs, we reserve the right to void any company or product guarantees if, in our opinion, they have been finished or treated with unsuitable chemicals or finishing materials, or if the units have not been sealed in the correct manner, or if the units have been left exposed in non-watertight or damp conditions prior to painting.

The contract to fit includes (as appropriate):

  • Fitting of kitchen carcass units and other components (but not electrical and plumbing connections)
  • Installation of sink (not waste)
  • Cutting of tap holes and drainer grooves to wooden worktops
  • Scribing and cutting of work surfaces

N.B. All of the above inclusions apply only to items supplied by SW.

Where SW is contracted to fit the kitchen, you must ensure that:

i. There is full and unhindered access to the site and that any previous kitchen and debris is removed.
ii. The site is clean, safe and watertight and that fitting can take place unhindered by other trades and works.
iii. All relevant building, plumbing and electrical works are completed.
iv. Switched fused 240v power is provided.
v. Heating is on, if possible.
vi. Any relevant appliances are on site.
vii. Aga: preferably installed but, as a minimum, the plinth must be installed.

If, in the opinion of the fitters, the site is not in a state to allow fitting to proceed or in a state that would compromise the integrity of the items, SW reserves the right to withdraw from the site. There will be a charge of £360 per fitter per day of planned fitting. If we are required to reschedule, we will make every effort to revisit as quickly as possible but will not be held liable for any delays.

The fitters are contracted to fit only units and worktops supplied by SW.

Due to building regulations, SW is not in a position to connect any appliance, sink or tap.

If you decide to cancel any contracted installation or other similar services, no refund against the original order will be payable. If SW is unable to accommodate in the timeframe requested the rescheduling of any booked services, and as a result you decide to arrange for such work to be carried out independently, SW’s service charge will be payable nevertheless.

If you choose to supply your own appliances, it is your responsibility to ensure that the appliances are in the kitchen area by the time we start to fit. If you rely on our installers to move any appliances from outbuildings into the kitchen, there is a £20 per item charge for this, and we will not accept liability for any damage caused to appliance or property during such transfer.

If you choose to supply your own appliances and have arranged with us to have them delivered to us for subsequent delivery to you, there will be a charge of £40 per item for this service. We will not inspect the items and will sign for them “unseen”. SW will not accept any liability for damage that takes place during transit or whilst being stored on our premises.

In the event that we are asked to manufacture cabinets to suit customer-supplied appliances, SW will not accept responsibility for ensuring that door heights are in line with other cabinets. Any costs related to remanufacturing to rectify such issues will be passed on to you.

For the avoidance of doubt, a contract does not include (but is not limited to):

  • Removal of any existing kitchen or materials
  • Making good as a result of removal or repairs caused by other contractors
  • Disposal of any waste packaging
  • Installation of any non-supplied unit or appliance (unless quoted for)
  • Installation or venting of extractors through walls
  • Electrical or plumbing connections
  • Removal of any fridges or other appliances

If extra time is required to ensure successful fitting, or if a unit has to be remade, SW is not liable for any consequential loss whilst any errors are remedied.

Fitting kitchens is a complex job and we advocate using SW’s recommended kitchen fitters. If you decide to use other fitters, SW cannot accept any liability for under-performance of any products that is due to poor-quality fitting.

We may deliver units in a form that allows unhindered access for the fit. This may require assembly of plate or wine racks.

Please note that, for all “supply-only” kitchens, you are responsible for ensuring that all measurements are correct. SW accepts no liability for incorrect measurements for incorrect measurements even if we have carried out the original design. The design does not constitute a technical survey. All technical aspects should be checked by the customer or your own fitter, prior to signing the drawings.

Everyone at SW works hard to ensure that customers receive excellent products and service. However, due to the somewhat complex nature of these products and services, problems may sometimes occur. If they do, we work hard to resolve them as swiftly as possible. SW does not accept responsibility for any consequential losses. Its liability extends only to the value of the goods and services in question.


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