No two kitchens are created equal, or so we like to believe. So to prove it, our Design Team explains the key Shaker differences.

Doors built to last

The most identifiable feature of a Shaker-style kitchen is its simple panelled door fronts.  Our cabinet doors sit within a frame rather than on top of it which means they physically can’t ‘drop’ over time as some mass market flat-pack doors have a tendency to do.

Added to that, our cabinet doors are made with solid oak frames, rails and stiles with an MDF centre panel. MDF is not as susceptible to movement as natural timber planks – meaning our doors hold their shape longer.

Our door fronts are Oak, chosen for its strength and durability. It can even resist most surface stains and scratches because it’s such a solid piece of wood, which is great for anyone who has kids or pets running around their home.

Authentic hinge styling

It’s not just our doors where we earn our stripes. It’s how our signature hinges combine function and form.

Our doors are hinged using an exposed ‘butt hinge’ which allows them to  not only sustain heavy weight, but also that it will function smoothly for years to come. A butt-hinge also allows our cabinet doors to open a full 180 degrees when unobstructed to make reaching into cupboards a breeze.

Super smooth drawers

Our drawer boxes are all ‘dovetailed’, made of solid oak with a solid oak front panel. The runners are mounted underneath the drawer box, which means they are kept out of sight whilst adding stability – in fact they can withstand a load of up to 30kg of weight – that’s almost two loaded holiday suitcases of weight!

But with strength also comes softness; our soft-close runners are available as standard, and they come with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

Beautiful inside and out

Our shelving system is also designed with aesthetics in mind. Our cabinets employ a ‘tooth’ system whereby the height of internal shelves can be adjusted incrementally in the most traditional way. You won’t find any unsightly pre-drilled holes or pegs here. This not only gives our cabinets the perfect Shaker look, but also adds to the stability of the cabinet by providing further internal framework.